Breeding Plans 2015-2016

It has been my observation that right around breeding time some breeders will start to spread "rumors" about other breeder's dogs. In my opinion they are doing it to sell their own puppies and if their puppies are not selling they will try harder to "bash" the other breeders. I recommend checking all the pedigrees as I think you will be surprised that many of the "attackers" are using lines that come from the breeder they are bashing which makes no sense to me. I can only think that maybe they are jealous. I am of the opinion, along with many others that "championships" can be bought so they mean nothing to me. It's just another way for these breeders to "put down" their rival breeders. Questions you might want to ask: How many litters are they producing a year? Is it there main source of income? I am of the opinion that it is not possible to make a living breeding dogs and when this happens it is my opinion that money is the motivation for spreading "rumors" about other breeders. What is their price and will you own the dog with full registration. After co-owning a dog with a well known breeder I don't recommend co-ownership. I co-owned a puppy with a well known breeder not to far from me. My ex co-owner is a good friend of the longest standing California breeder and breeder of that puppy. My contract was breached simply for talking to another breeder they don't like even though they are more than happy to use his lines in their breeding program by obtaining his dog through other sources. Based on my observations, it appears to me that this California breeder acts as a "puppet master" by giving away dogs and having others do his "bashing" for him to keep up his "appearance". Be wary of these types of people and the "rumors" they spread. Based on my experience I would not purchase a dog from any breeder unless you have full registriation in your hand "at the time of payment." In my opinion co-ownership is only their way of controlling you and giving their kennel a name when you spend the money to "champion (click here for good article)" the dog out.

When I first got in the breed my former co-owner and the breeder of my puppy told me I had to "toughen up" to be in this breed. After two years of trying to be nice I have decided that the show crowd people in this breed are just too mean for me. Because I love the breed, and don't have the "aggressive" personality needed to be involved in the show scene, I am going to put all my energy into producing exceptional dogs capable of winning in the show ring and/or excellent temperments as family pets! I want to take the "high road" and just care about the dogs. After all, when all is said and done, nobody really cares about all the ribbons, all they will care about is fond memories of a dog who gave them unconditional love and affection.

Does the breeder constantly "brag" how many dogs they have that are "champions". I believe there are many dogs who are much better than the "champions" but because their owners don't have the time, money or inclination to show them you will never see them. Many times breeders will bring enough of their own dogs to make themselves a major and in doing so there was no competition. Due to show politics most people who show their own dogs cannot beat the paid "handlers".

Guarantees? Do humans come with a guarantee? I don't believe any breeder can guarantee a dog will not have health issues despite all the testing is that is done. It is possible for two OFA "Excellent" dogs to produce failing offspring - that is a fact and any breeder that tells you differently is not being honest.

Bottom line is that if you want a dog with heavy bone, big head, and boxy muzzle, buy it. If you like a dog with less bone, a more pointed muzzle, and smaller in size, buy it. It's a big investment and you should do your homework based on research, going to the source, and not listenting to "rumors"! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am easy to talk to and would love to answer any questions you may have.

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